Printable: Oil in the House of the Wise Monogram

Framed-W-Monogram-Printable-FieldandHerbs-PreviewWe hope you will adore this complimentary monogrammed printable as much as we do! It was such a blessing to create and looks beautiful matted and framed. The theme is an oil drop and saying is, “There is oil in the house of the wise,” which is taken from Proverbs 21:20. We have provided this printable for each letter of the alphabet.

We love using essential oils and this reflects our passion for all things natural… we believe our Earth provides us with the natural, organic materials necessary to support our bodies, including materials necessary during times when healing is a must. Embrace our Earth and all that it provides for us. Be sure to come back and share a picture of your framed printable, we would love to see it! Continue reading “Printable: Oil in the House of the Wise Monogram”

Printable: Free Spring Cleaning Checklist


We provided this Spring Cleaning Checklist in our April monthly newsletter. If you want to receive our free monthly printable early, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter! This checklist PDF package covers a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. If you have less or more bedrooms/baths, simply just reprint the page(s) you need more of and if you need less, print the pages one by one to get just what you need. You’ll also find a complimentary cleaning tip/hack at the bottom of each page.

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Smoothie Combos to Reduce Inflammation

Smoothie Ingredients that Reduce Inflammation

To reduce your overall amount of chronic inflammation, it is important to eliminate, or at least limit, the foods that cause it, and increase foods that inhibit inflammation. You can do this by using your smoothies as vehicles for anti-inflammatory foods. Here are some that go particularly well in many smoothie recipes (we have provided you with an amazing inflammation reducing smoothie recipe below). Continue reading “Smoothie Combos to Reduce Inflammation”

All About The Butters


Vegetable butters are obtained by blending the nutritive natural fatty fractions of a vegetable oil. Depending on the butter, the fractions come directly from either the oil or hydrogenated oil or the unsaponifiable fraction. Vegetable butters are solid at room temperature. The percentage of the unsaponifiable fraction of a vegetable oil is usually very low. It requires a large quantity of processed oil to yield a significant quantity of butter. Continue reading “All About The Butters”