Essential Oil Survival First Aid Cards

Plant-Survival-Kit-FieldandHerbsWe will provide you with all the information and designs you need to create your own essential oil survival kit! We’ve designed 48 single essential oil information cards, 1 disclaimer card, 1 essential oil safety card, and 1 title card. We’ve also included product suggestions that work beautifully to develop this kit. You can download all 51 cards in one zip file below. Be sure to review our guidelines for usage. What are you waiting for? Start your plant-based survival kit today! Continue reading “Essential Oil Survival First Aid Cards”

Printable: 31 Day Dinner Menu from the 1930’s

Who loves retro?! While rooting around in some old trunks we came across a 1930’s Westinghouse oven manual, neat-o, right?! Inside this lovely, retro oven manual were pages and pages of recipes along with tons of dinner menu ideas. We used their ideas to put together this 31-day dinner menu. Many of the recipes can be easily adapted to various lifestyle diets and yes, we will provide the recipes for every dish in this menu that a recipe is available for… it will take time to prepare them, take pictures, and build them all in so keep checking back!

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Printable: Oil in the House of the Wise Monogram

Framed-W-Monogram-Printable-FieldandHerbs-PreviewWe hope you will adore this complimentary monogrammed printable as much as we do! It was such a blessing to create and looks beautiful matted and framed. The theme is an oil drop and saying is, “There is oil in the house of the wise,” which is taken from Proverbs 21:20. We have provided this printable for each letter of the alphabet.

We love using essential oils and this reflects our passion for all things natural… we believe our Earth provides us with the natural, organic materials necessary to support our bodies, including materials necessary during times when healing is a must. Embrace our Earth and all that it provides for us. Be sure to come back and share a picture of your framed printable, we would love to see it! Continue reading “Printable: Oil in the House of the Wise Monogram”

Printable: Free Spring Cleaning Checklist


We provided this Spring Cleaning Checklist in our April monthly newsletter. If you want to receive our free monthly printable early, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter! This checklist PDF package covers a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. If you have less or more bedrooms/baths, simply just reprint the page(s) you need more of and if you need less, print the pages one by one to get just what you need. You’ll also find a complimentary cleaning tip/hack at the bottom of each page.

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